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Twas Days Poem

‘Twas days before holiday break and all through Pali High

The teachers were wrapping up first semester with a sigh.

They had implemented Common Core and were ready for fun

Proud of all the great learning and teamwork that was done.


Students completed their finals and projects with care

In the hopes that their teachers knew how much they prepared.

They thought about vacation reading books and taking long naps

Excited to log-off Schoology and log onto other apps!


Then in the Pali High office there was a great shout

As people and papers all flew about

More donations for Boosters and Ed Fund they shared with glee

Our families are as generous as they each can be


They donate on line or mail donations to the school

Before the end of December is always really cool!

Any size contribution for every dollar counts

We really appreciate all different amounts!


We will use the money for teachers, the classrooms and more

We’ll support new programs the budget doesn’t account for

On Music, on Sports, on the College Center too

On Technology, on Equipment and on new field trips to review,


The Pali High team had spring to their step and gave a big cheer

For our Charter was once again renewed this past year

“Thank you Pali High families” Dr. Magee exclaimed with delight

Happy holidays to all and to all a good night!


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