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Thank You 2017 Donors!
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Dear Palisades Charter High School Families and Friends,

Welcome to Palisades Charter High School, a Best High School U.S. News & World Report Charter 2017, an American Most Challenging High School The Washington Post, a California Distinguished School, and a California Gold Ribbon School. We are glad you are here.

For over 50 years the Palisades High School Booster Club has been working with school administrators, faculty and students to enhance the learning environment for all students at Pali High through extra-curricular and academics not covered by the school’s operating budget. The Booster Club supports enriching programs that immediately and directly benefit the Pali High student body and inspire their future success.

The Booster Club’s Annual Giving Campaign directly funds projects and programs for students and teachers to implement immediately.  We invite you to join us in evaluating grant requests.  We meet on the last Tuesday of every month in the Pali High library.  Each year we distribute grants for students and faculty projects of all kinds: arts and music, athletic teams (uniforms and equipment), student clubs and leadership, safety and security, computer science, technology and equipment, teaching tools, professional development, field trips and competitions, the college center and college fair, and so much more to develop opportunities to grow (see them all on our webpage at

Together we can close the gap between what California provides and what it really takes to educate our students in an enriched school environment.  With your generosity and your boost, we can continue to make a positive difference for every Pali High student.

Thank you in advance for being a Booster in our Annual Giving Campaign.  Your donation, of any size, is meaningful and will go a long way to enriching student experiences and achievements at Pali High.  School needs are constantly evolving and thanks to your generosity, the Booster Club can commit resources for day-to-day needs, projects and programs that will impact the learning environment, and Pali High’s academic success.

Be a Booster! Please donate what you can today.  Monthly or quarterly payment plans are available.  Simply go to the link to make your gift online or mail to PO Box 223 Pacific Palisades, CA 90272.  Please ask if your employer can increase the value of your donation through a company matching gift program.

We are excited for the coming year and warmly welcome you in joining our community!


Palisades High School Booster Club 

Give now via PayPal and attend the Booster Club open meetings on the 4th Tuesday of every month!

Contact us at with stock donation or recurring contributions!
Or, send a check to Palisades High School Booster Club, PO Box 223, Pacific Palisades, CA  90272!

Every donation counts!  While we certainly appreciate larger gifts, your donation of any amount matters. School needs are constantly evolving and thanks to your continued generosity, the Booster Club can immediately commit resources for day-to-day needs, as well as projects that inspire and have a long term impact on Pali students’ success and safety.

Thank you to all of the families who have already donated through our Annual Giving Campaign and School Auction Party. Your gift, of any size, is so important to your student’s experiences and achievements at Pali.  Also, please ask if your employer can increase the value of your donation through your company matching gift program.

For over 60 years, Palisades Charter High School has been enrolling and educating the best and brightest—your children. With your generosity we can continue to make a positive difference in their Pali High experience.

The Palisades High School Booster Club

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